Van Noort Bulb Co. Ltd. has a complete selection of display materials from posters and pamphlets to display racking and banners.

Well merchandised displays help sell your product. Whether you have bulk product for your customers or packaged product we can help you create a display that makes it easy to shop. We have great merchandising products to help make your displays work for you and your customers.

Choose your rack, choose your POP and choose from one of our many themes or create your own.

flower display, garden center display

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Create a Winning Display

  1. Participation: get all of your staff involved.
  2. Draw a Plan: think like a shopper.
  3. Add Tie-ins: everything your customer needs.
  4. Create a Theme: make shopping easy.
  5. Draw Attention: show off your bulbs.
  6. Traffic Flow: in and around your store.
  7. Use the White Space: not too busy please.
  8. Shopping flow: all the way around or through.
  9. Signage: easy to read and use.
  10. Maintenance: keep it looking great!

Spring Displays

Fall Displays