Bare Root Field Grown

Deep 15cm (5.5") Plugs are All Grown at our BC farms. Deep Roots Produce Fast Shoots!At Van Noort Bulb Co. Ltd. we are proud to say that we grow over 100 acres of field grown bare root perennials of unsurpassed quality. We also import the best selling and newest varieties of bare root perennials from around the world. Look for the Canadian symbol to find our BC grown varieties.

Our Number 1 sized bareroot perennials are available in smaller quantities to give you greater selection and are shipped dormant to you ready for transplanting.

Pot-up these dormant roots into 15 cm (1 gallon) pots and watch them quickly grow and fill out your pots. Our perennials are simply the highest value for your large container program.
At Van Noort we’re not just wholesalers, we’re growers too!

Bare Root Spark Plugs

Get ready to give your profits a jump start! We have specially chosen plants that perform better in a deep rooted plug to give you better results.

The deep 15 centimeter (5.5”) plugs are all grown at our BC farms. Deep Roots Produce Fast Shoots! Ready to fill a 15 cm (1 gallon) pot in 4-6 weeks, our Spark Plugs make easy work of your 15 and 20 cm (1 and 2 gallon) perennial program.

Perennial Catalogue

Now & Forever Perennials Program

Grow Bigger and Better Plants
Hardy and Reliable Across Canada, Tried and Proven, Most Popular Varieties, Bigger Better Plants Now & Forever Perennials are:

  • Hardy & Reliable across Canada
  • Tried & Proven Varieties
  • Our Most Popular Varieties
  • Bigger & Better Plants
  • Easy to Grow… Easy to Sell!

POP material includes

  • Weather proof poster (2 ft. x 3 ft.)
  • Bench Wrap
  • Pamphlets
  • Jumbo Sized Stake tags

POP Material

A well merchandised display produces higher sales and greater profits. Van Noort Bulb Co. Ltd. has a full selection of Point of Purchase material including:

  • weather proof garden cards (5×7)
  • instruction pamphlets
  • recipe cards
  • garden plan cards
  • signage

Use our exciting themes or your imagination to create your own. We can create signs and banners to meet all of your display needs.