“As Cities and Municipalities all over the world continue to expand, reasons for focusing attention on the quality of their public green spaces are becoming that much more important… A planting that looks attractive has a substantial effect: not only will it be appreciated and therefore less prone to damage or vandalism, but it will also motivate people to devote more attention to their own living environment. And just as important is the fact that a varied, carefully installed planting will be a pleasurable environment for those charged with maintaining it.”


Flower bulbs play a major role in the beautification of our many green spaces across Canada. Ottawa’s Tulip Festival, numerous Botanical Gardens, Cities and Municipalities from large to small are all making great use of the cheerful colour and fragrance that flower bulbs offer in spring and summer.


Visit our warehouse during the spring or fall months and browse our shelves to choose your own selection of bulbs or allow us to assist in your choices.