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Pre-order your selection or come visit our warehouse to choose your bulbs in person. (please book in advance)

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We are here to help you grow your business

  • We provide landscapers with a wide variety of perennials, bulbs, fruits, roses, shrubs, vines and more. Perfect for all your client projects. 
  • Whether used in patio containers, formal beds, or low maintenance areas, colourful and fragrant flower bulbs and perennials can be a very profitable addition to your landscape maintenance program.
  • Planting flower bulbs and perennials can become a regular part of your “spring and fall cleanup” routine and buying wholesale will provide you with great savings. 
  • Come visit our warehouse during the spring or fall planting time and browse our shelves to choose your own selection of bulbs or allow us to assist in your choices.

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Here's what our customers are saying...

"It has been our pleasure to work with Van Noort Bulb Co. and the Van Noort family for almost 50 years. They have been very innovative with their marketing and product development, especially with bulb combinations and youth participation in gardening. We also appreciate their participation and leadership in national events, recognizing Canadian veterans for their sacrifices In two world wars. Van Noort’s focus on independents and growers with competitive pricing and continued efforts to introduce the newest selection of bulbs, perennials and small fruits help keep us at the forefront of consumers interest."

Brian Minter,
Minter Country Garden

"We have been working closely with Van Noort Bulbs since GardenWorks opened its doors in 1984. We rely on Van Noort Bulbs for the majority of our bulb inventory that we bring in  the fall and early spring each year. We also look to this local supplier (grower) for the tried and true range of Weeks roses, and many of their potted crops that they grow on their farm in Langley. I have had the great pleasure of touring the tulip and daffodil fields of Holland in early spring with Carl Van Noort. A wonderful opportunity to source new and interesting varieties of bulbs to sell in our 7 garden centres. Carl is extremely passionate about the (bulb and) garden industry and it clearly shows in the way he runs his company. Van Noort Bulbs is a reliable and extremely fair partner in the gardening trade. We greatly value our business relationship and look forward to many more years to come."

Peter Fitzmaurice, GardenWorks

"Van Noort always provides exceptional service when it comes to the ordering and transport of their bulb stock. With a huge variety, and sales people that know what they are doing, I have had a very good experience working Van Noort over the years”

Mike Ritchie,
Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc.

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